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Letter from a Fan on Labor Day

D​ear Explore.Org,

Thank You for your amazing website. Besides entertainment it is an amazing learning tool. I think you should recognize our American Loggers.

They to have one of the most dangerous jobs in our country. Logging is needed not just for those that use wood for heating there homes but many other things. My Dad was a logger for most of his life and was one of the best. Even though he was one of the best logging took a toll on his body. He no longer is a logger and should retire because he is very close to being fully disabled but he still goes to a job everyday. Like other American Loggers and American Workers in general he is strong, proud and hard working. I tip my hat to him, American Loggers and all the other American Workers. Thank You for all that you do to give us what we need.

– Proud Daughter​
Dear Proud Daughter – Thank you for sharing your story with us!
We tip our hat to your father as well and workers across America. Read more about the history of logging in America here. And visit our Americana collection of short videos celebrating America’s backbone from the assembly lines of Detroit to the coal mines of West Virginia and the cotton fields of Mississippi. Share your story with us at share@explore.org.