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Come Inside the House That Makes Sense

This art project from Tyree Guyton, Founder of the Heidelberg Project in Detroit, creates art in run down neighborhoods. Come inside and learn more.

football in america

Get Your Football On in the Heart of America

Since 1920, the NFL has been a staple in stadiums and eventually in homes on Thanksgiving Day with (now) three annual league games on this fourth Thursday in November. Since early on, with one rotating and one in Dallas, one of the games is always hosted by the Detroit Lions. Don’t be afraid to crawl inside the lion’s den and learn

Debbie & Dennis Balthaser

Election Day: Celebrate Americana

From the Redwood forests to the Blue Ridge Mountains, when your voting is done, celebrate America in these short films and Travels with Charlie. 

Workforce Heroes

We love hearing your stories and today we share one from Donna. Inspired by our celebration of American workers, she sent us this story of her family. 

Letter from a Fan on Labor Day

D​ear Explore.Org, Thank You for your amazing website. Besides entertainment it is an amazing learning tool. I think you should recognize our American Loggers.

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