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See the Amazing Redwoods of California

“God doesn’t sign his creations…” Go with Charlie and Lucky to visit the Redwoods and officially become a treehugger.

chcarlie and Lucky the dog in the snow

Lucky in the Snow Zen Den

Take a minute out of your day to be a kid again. Go with Charlie and Lucky, and play in the snow of Sun Valley, Idaho in this short Zen Den video.

Celebrating Labor Day & America

Did you know that Labor Day was first introduce in the New York legislature in 1887, but first became official state law in Oregon the same year? This national holiday has been recognized from sea to shining sea across America for well over a century.

Dogs Can Do Math?!

Discovery News reported, “Dogs understand arithmetic, according to Stanley Coren of the University of British Colombia’s Department of Psychology. Studies show, for example, that dogs notice errors in simple computations, such as 1+1=3. The average dog, Coren said, can learn 165 words.” Our dogs at Patriot Paws might know a thing or two about commands. Watch

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

A very Happy Birthday to our founder, Charlie Annenberg. He has always championed the strength of the animal-human bond, and because of him, hundreds of people have received a service dog to better their lives. Dog Bless You, Charlie, we need more people like you in this world.

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