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northern lights

Listen to the Extended Playlist For Watching the Northern Lights

We asked, you compiled. Here is our extended playlist for watching the northern lights dance in the sky on the Beluga Sky Cam.

Northern Lights Time Lapse

Ride the Green Wave

Check out this highlight clip from Polar Bears International of the aurora borealis last week, captured in this time lapse video.

Northern Lights aurora borealis

Scenes and Songs for the Aurora Borealis

We’ve got a couple song suggestions for dreaming and drifting away while watching the Beluga Whale Sky Live Cam, which has given an amazing display this week. What songs would you add to the aurora borealis playlist? 

Recovering from the Weekend? Ease on into Monday

Jack Johnson

The Hawaiian native just released a new album. Born and raised on the North Shore, the singer is also an avid surfer and environmentalist who Charlie partnered with in a visit to Hawaii – see more here!

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