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From Bold to Cold – Leaf Fall Timelapse

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s quote reflects on seasons’ changes, observing that life is in constant renewal.


Find Zen Again with Live Sunsets from Santa Monica

Winter is coming. The sun is low in the sky, or obscured entirely behind snowstorms (we’re looking at you Buffalo, NY). The season’s melancholic gloom of grey will paint our feelings for the next few months. The glorious reds, purples, and yellows of sunsets are few and far between – unless you catch these bold

pretty leaves

Fall Back in Time

Tomorrow (Nov. 2), as they say, we fall back. If you’re on the Leaf Drop Live Cam, you might also fall down. Either way, this Sunday we go back in time and have reasons other than pumpkin spiced lattes to celebrate autumn.

brown bear at river in snow

Snow Day on the Lower River

Fall is officially here and it might even seem that winter has come to Katmai. Check out this early morning snow scene captured from the Brown Bear Lower River Cam last week. 

autumn leaves changing color in new hampshire

The Foliage Cam: Witness the Magic of Autumn

Whether you’ve been anxious for pumpkin spice, miss the change of seasons from your new home or simply love fall – you can watch the Foliage Cam, now in its glory, live here.

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