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football in america

Get Your Football On in the Heart of America

Since 1920, the NFL has been a staple in stadiums and eventually in homes on Thanksgiving Day with (now) three annual league games on this fourth Thursday in November. Since early on, with one rotating and one in Dallas, one of the games is always hosted by the Detroit Lions. Don’t be afraid to crawl inside the lion’s den and learn

Nature Does it Best… Again

This guy could be the solution for the NFL. Although we cannot play every game in Denver, the winning strategies for defeating the concussion crisis may come from research focused on recreating the safe biomechanics already in use in the animal kingdom… Bighorn sheep ritually ram their heads into each other and woodpeckers slam their

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday Enjoy our tribute to Americana and the Clarksdale High School football team in Mississippi. Whether you’re a 49ers fan, a Ravens fan, or just there for the commercials – happy Super Bowl XLVII! Here is Jack Johnson’s tribute to the sport and the story behind his lyrical memories.

Gobble Gobble – Hike!

Gobble Gobble – Hike! American Football was an offshoot of European rugby, which itself existed in medieval sport games. Rugby came to America with the pilgrims of 1600, and developed into an increasingly violent, independent sport, eventually being reigned in and formalized with rules by the late 1800s. Most notable in its evolution was Walter