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How Does a Walrus Fit In?

By Margaret Archibald, Alaska Department of Fish and Game The other day while trying to push our ungainly inflatable boat off the rocks during a falling tide, I noticed two juvenile salmon hovering together near the surface in the intertidal zone. I stopped for a second because, while I’ve worked with salmon for many years,

Puffin Parenting

explorecams: Both parents trying to keep dry on the Puffin Burrow cam.

Egg Three Has Arrived!

Just to demonstrate the unpredictability of nature, Rachel broke her routine of laying in the night, and produced her third perfectly speckled egg around 6PM Eastern Time. Keep an eye on how they are doing at explore.org!

Introducing: Seabird Sue!

Hello! I am “Seabird Sue” Schubel, Volunteer Coordinator and head cheerleader for the Hog Island Audubon Camp. On Hog Island I help the volunteers keep the place running, explain the wonders of the intertidal zone, create slide-shows, and lug endless numbers of things on and off the island. I have been living in Maine year-round

Rachel Gets A Visit From Steve

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