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How Does a Walrus Fit In?

By Margaret Archibald, Alaska Department of Fish and Game The other day while trying to push our ungainly inflatable boat off the rocks during a falling tide, I noticed two juvenile salmon hovering together near the surface in the intertidal zone. I stopped for a second because, while I’ve worked with salmon for many years,

The Round Island Cabin Life

By Diana Johnson, Alaska Department of Fish and Game This is the ADF&G cabin on Round Island. It has two stories and a deck in the front, facing the ocean. The water is a ways below us, but we can see and hear walruses and sea lions coming up for air as they swim past.

Meet the Guides of Walrus Season!

We’d like to introduce you to Ryan Morrill and Ben Histand, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game staffers living with the walruses on Round Island, Alaska. They’ll be our guides for the “Summer of Blubber” on the all-new Walrus Cam!