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Daily Dose Of Love: Bear Mom And Cub Dinner Date

Salmon For Two! Sharing is caring! Bear cubs stay with their moms for about 2 and a half years. In that time she’ll teach them how to fish and skin salmon. Them feasting on fish together makes for a great Daily Dose of Love. Watch live every day on our Brown Bear Live Cam! Rick

Brown Bear Story: Krayonz

“This picture is dated 10-12-15. It’s not very good. I didn’t have a clue which bear it was. (Although, now, I have a ‘learned’ guess) I had no clue there were CamOps. There were chatters, but I had no clue to the extent of the family below. I knew nothing of explore.org. I had often

Brown Bear Story: CarolineB

“Due to the time difference, last year I was always able to watch the dawn on camera while I ate my lunch.Usually, there was a lone bear pottering about in the mist and water, fishing with no interruptions, without a care in the world. I believe it was 503, getting himself some breakfast before facing

Brown Bear Updates From Ranger David!

As of June 5th, here are the following brown bears who have been spotted near Brooks Falls! (See new updates below) UPDATE: As of June 13th, four more bears have been spotted!

Brown Bear Story: Naomi Boak

“This was from 2 years ago, but I can stare at this picture of 273 and her cub forever. It speaks to me of the bond between mother and child in the vast expanse of a beautiful world.” –Naomi Boak  

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