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Brown Bear Story: Krayonz


“This picture is dated 10-12-15. It’s not very good. I didn’t have a clue which bear it was. (Although, now, I have a ‘learned’ guess) I had no clue there were CamOps. There were chatters, but I had no clue to the extent of the family below. I knew nothing of explore.org.

I had often wondered about the camera icon in the upper right corner, but having never been a ‘good-picture-taker’ I avoided it.

This bear climbed onto that rock. I clicked that button. I burst into tears, happy joyous elated tears. I, ME, KIM had just taken a picture of a brown bear in Alaska. My life changed. There were now horizons I had never even imagined! There was learning I never thought to know anything about! There were glorious, magnificent beasts of the north and miraculously they were within my reach!” –krayonz

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