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Shark Cam Top Photos of the Week

Ferocious looking fish have been spotted swimming by our Shark Cam off the coast of Cape Fear, but there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Sandtiger sharks are actually a bunch of softies who’d prefer to sink their pointy teeth into bottom-feeding fish. They’re still a big catch to see in the wild. Here are

Project Puffin News From Outer Green Island

Outer Green Island researchers enjoy some ocean time out on the rowboat.

Portrait of Mabel and Tory

Captured by an audience member on the Hog Island Osprey Cam on explore.org.

So a Razorbill Walks Into A Puffin Bar

So a Razorbill Walks Into A Puffin Bar….No Guys, Really, This Is Funny…!! (Razorbill Laughing At His Own Joke)