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Hello Osprey Watchers!

We believe the fledgling osprey with the sometimes drooping wing is Sky- the oldest of the three chicks who is probably a female as suggested by her larger size and streaked breast.   At the moment, the experts’ consensus is that the cause of the wing droop is likely muscle strain.  When perched, she has

Today is March 31st… tomorrow is April Fools. Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and it will all be a big joke.

Mike Prickett

Time For Exercise

Mike’s daughter rolls her father to rehab. – San Diego, California.

Bedside Post

Mike’s loving sister, Debbie Mikeska, painfully watches her brother lay in the hospital bed.-  San Diego, California.

Family Visits

All of Mike’s family fly over to San Diego to aid him at his bedside. – San Diego, California.

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