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Find Someone to Pal Around with This Weekend

You can join our furry pals by visiting the new brood of kittens on the Kitten Rescue Live Cam as well as Scarlott’s new litter of service puppies, born Oct. 2, on the Service Dog Project Live Cam this weekend. TGIF! 

Family Visits

All of Mike’s family fly over to San Diego to aid him at his bedside. – San Diego, California.

Tahiti Friends

Friends from all over the Tahiti, come to visit Mike for moral support. – Tahiti Hospital.

Mike And Baptiste

Mike and Baptiste have some nice times recalling the past. – Tahiti Parking Lot.

Encouraging Words

Good friend Baptiste Gossin, a paraplegic from a surfing accident in Tahiti, came by to offer Mike encouragement through these tough times. – Tahiti Hospital Parking Lots.