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Hatch Video!

For those of you who missed seeing the first Hog Island osprey chick hatch, check out this short video clip put together by explore.org! Enjoy! http://explore.org/#!/videos/player/night-hatchling-osprey


Long-Eared Owl baby peeking out to say hello!

Fishing Success!

Looking like a proud statue atop its plinth, this Atlantic puffin takes pause before bringing home the bacon to its hungry brood. Photo Courtesy of Austin Patton

The Small Fish Still Have Predators

Adult puffins mostly eat small fish, such as sand eels, herring, hake and capelin.  Puffin diets vary from colony to colony because of the variety of fish around the breeding islands.  During winter puffins may also eat crustaceans, but their preferred food is fish.  On the Project Puffin islands, young puffins are usually fed fish

Hummingbird Diet

Contrary to popular belief, hummingbirds do not diet exclusively on nectar; they also eat insects, grubs, and any other tiny creature they can get their bill on. Scientists once thought that hummingbirds had to ride on the back of larger birds to cross the Gulf of Mexico during their annual migration to South America, because

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