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Hero My Hero

“This is my service dog, Hero, after we graduated with our Master’s degrees at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Hero knows over forty commands to assist me. He loves to retrieve objects for me like envelopes, pens, my crutches, etc. He also turns off the lights, opens doors, and he pulls me in my

What Is A Service Dog?

Post by Pat Hairston of Canines for Service Service dogs are trained to assist an individual who is visually or hearing impaired, experiencing mobility limitations or dealing with psychological disorders. There are distinctions between service and guide dogs, sometimes known as assistance dogs, and therapy, emotional support or companion dogs. A service dog has legal

Heroes On Wheels

We’re touched by the stories of these remarkable therapy dogs.

Name These Future Service Dogs

These two darlings are the as-yet-unnamed pups in Chaos’ litter of eight future great dane service dogs. The puppies will be raised to assist individuals with Friedreich’s ataxia, people with Multiple Sclerosis, or disabled veterans. They need names befitting of their important mission, so we need your help. Please offer one name suggestion in the comments section of this blog

Regan And Beans

Little Regan and her service dog Beans just graduated from Brigadoon Service Dogs. A big congrats to the two of them as they start their new lives together.

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