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Innovations For Marine Film

Mike invents a new 3D  IMAX underwater housing for a the movie ” The Ultimate Wave.” – The MIller Cave, California.

Today is March 31st… tomorrow is April Fools. Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and it will all be a big joke.

Mike Prickett

The Necessary Pressure

Mike takes an ambulance ride to the hyperbaric chamber.  The hyperbaric chamber is one of scariest times of the day for Mike. – San Diego, California.

Well Wishes

Mike takes a photo in front of his wall of ” Get Wells.” – UCSD Hospital, California.

The doctors suggested I do a will. They said I have blood clots in my legs, and if I go on the flight, the blood clots might release and I could die from a stroke or a heart attack.

Mike Prickett

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