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As the song goes, “It Ain’t Over til It’s Over.” In this episode of Mike’s journey to walk again, he looks at the future ahead and the struggles behind. Learn about “The Man Before the Accident” – the acclaimed underwater cinematographer, Mike Prickett who shot many films including the surf epic Chasing Mavericks. Journey with him

Mike Prickett’s Journey Continued

From Tahiti to San Diego and off to Palm Springs… Follow Mike’s journey to recovery after an underwater accident left him paralyzed. Mike Prickett is a true waterman and Director of Photography. He is known for his entrancing work on the films Step into Liquid and Riding Giants. He has shot in nearly every ocean in

Meet Mike Prickett

On March 14, 2012, the internationally acclaimed Hawaiian underwater cinematographer Mike Prickett, was paralyzed in a diving accident in Tahiti. The doctors said  he had 6 months to see if he can ever walk again. We have followed Mike on his journey of healing and it began here. In this short video, meet Mike Prickett and

The Two Trees of Molokai

The north shore of Molokai is a veritable Hawaiian Garden of Eden overflowing with lush, tropical plants and flowers, waterfalls, tropical birds and hidden beaches. Two kinds of trees, the kiawe and ohia lehua. (Source) The kiawe tree, growing in the drier regions of Molokai, is so efficient at extracting moisture from soil that it can kill nearby plants

Maybe I’ll film ducks for a living….

Mike Prickett

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