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tundra buggy driver

Meet Thomas Fitzpatrick, the Youngest Tundra Buggy Driver

Thomas Fitzpatrick is not your average 18 year old. He has been working at Frontiers North Adventures helping maintain their Tundra Buggies® for five years, since he was 13!

tundra buggy

Meet Mark Bestvater: He Keeps the Buggies Rolling

Mark is one of the mechanics that works on the Frontiers North Adventures Tundra Buggies®. Mark’s dad, Paul, is the head mechanic at the shop, and is teaching Mark everything he knows.

Prepping for Polar Bears

Let the countdown to polar bear season begin! As the migration of western Hudson Bay polar bears draws closer, so does the launch of the Polar Bear Cam on Explore.org around late October.

Polar Bear Cam Is Live!

A mass of white is spotted from afar. “I think that’s one!” Emily, a volunteer with Polar Bears International exclaimed as she pulled the binoculars away from their seemingly permanent position on her face. Buggy One slowly approached the bear and came to a stop. The engine is shut down. Stillness. An elegant polar bear