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tundra buggy

Mark stands in the Tundra Buggy shop during his coffee break. The shop can fit two Tundra Buggies at once, that's a lot of vehicle in one place!

Meet Mark Bestvater: He Keeps the Buggies Rolling

Mark is one of the mechanics that works on the Frontiers North Adventures Tundra Buggies®. Mark’s dad, Paul, is the head mechanic at the shop, and is teaching Mark everything he knows.

Mark is 21 and has been working on Tundra Buggies for a couple years now. He comes to Churchill during polar bear season and for roughly 2 weeks a month at other times of the year. When he’s not in Churchill, he is leading caribou and black bear hunts in northern Manitoba, 200 miles west of here.

When asked what he likes best about his job, Mark says, “Being in Churchill.” The bears and people are a big draw; it’s a fun town to be in during the fall. As for his greatest challenge, Mark explains, “Fixing the constant problems that keep happening. Sometimes you know what the problem is but there’s nothing you can do about it. You just keep fixing it, knowing it will break again. It’s frustrating” Maintaining massive vehicles that go over rough terrain in the freezing cold is not easy, especially without a parts shop nearby! These guys do a fantastic job keeping things going with the materials they have on hand.

Mark will soon be down south when bear season ends, but we will see him again soon. The Buggies aren’t going to maintain themselves!

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