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tundra buggy driver

Thomas Fitzpatrick smiles after working in the warm Tundra Buggy shop all day.

Meet Thomas Fitzpatrick, the Youngest Tundra Buggy Driver

Thomas Fitzpatrick is not your average 18 year old. He has been working at Frontiers North Adventures helping maintain their Tundra Buggies® for five years, since he was 13!

Thomas lives in Churchill and works on Tundra Buggies year-round. He started out painting undercarriages and rims but now gets to help assist the mechanics in the shop. Tom has plans to soon go south and complete his heavy-duty mechanic ticket, after which he might return to Churchill and take on the big job of maintaining these Buggies as a mechanic. Though he likes working on machinery, he is happy to help out in many other ways. This young man has been filling in at the Tundra Buggy Lodge for the last few weeks keeping the lodge maintained, cleaning dishes, and occasionally acting as a driver to take tourists out!

When asked about his favorite part of his job, Thomas says, “I like seeing the bears, getting closer to them than most people in town are able to. It’s cool when they come right up on the side of the Buggy.” When asked what his greatest challenge, he says with a smile, “Not freezing.”

When bear season ends, Thomas will be in the shop cleaning and getting Buggies ready for their next tours. If anything needs doing in the summer when most FNA employees are down south, Tom will step in to help. We wish him good luck in his future and hope he remains a Churchill regular!

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