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Beluga Boat Captain One Minute, Polar Bear Escort the Next

By Beluga Boat Captain Hayley Shephard It was a wild time on the river yesterday, starting rather abruptly before I had even stepped foot on the Beluga Boat. I had launched the boat which was now tied up at the Sea North docks and suddenly I saw, heard and smelt cracker shots only meters away

Looking for a Single White Female

It has been a long and cold winter on Hudson Bay for Ursula and her (now subadult) cub, just how polar bears like it. Since we’ve been tracking Ursula this season, she’s moved over 2378 km (1477 mi) across the sea ice from October to August. That’s a pretty respectable distance, especially since she stayed

Chat with Northern Lights Expert “Starman” Woloshyn

UPDATE: The live chat has been rescheduled for this Thursday, January 21st at 2pm PT / 5pm ET! Aurora Borealis, that shimmering display of lights in the skies above the Arctic, have really been amping up this season on our Northern Lights Cam. And while beautiful and seemingly otherworldly, the Aurora are a natural phenomenon.

The Polar Bear’s New Name Is…

The votes are in, explore has deliberated, and polar bear mom X33410 will be renamed Ursula! We think it’s a perfect fit.

Name the Polar Bear Contest!

Like last year’s Aurora, the scientists of Polar Bears International have collared a new polar bear for explore.org fans to track! An 8-year-old mom with a yearling cub, she’s been given the name X33410, a number that the research team will use when tracking her throughout her life. But we want you to give her

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