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brown bear at river in snow

Snow Day on the Lower River

Snow Day on the Lower River

Fall is officially here and it might even seem that winter has come to Katmai. Check out this early morning snow scene captured from the Brown Bear Lower River Cam last week. 

The Lower River Cam, located in Katmai National Park and Brooks Camp, Alaska, is where the Brooks River meets Naknek Lake. It is a favorite place of mothers and their young cubs, females and young adults until September when as many as 100 bears descend on the area to feast over a two month period.

Prime #BearCam viewing is soon coming to an end. The bears are full of salmon and have had plenty of drama for one season. They will soon enter hibernation and leave the still waters to freeze until spring. Don’t be too sad though. From autumn brown to winter white, our Polar Bear Live Cams are just getting under way!

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