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Today in the World: War Fund Drive for WWII POWs

70 years ago today, on November 26, 1944, an announcement was sent out to Americans for the war fund drive. The funds raised by the National War Fund organization were used to support foreign relief agencies as well as the USO.

Kuchar On Duty

Kuchar the service dog on duty, “holding the couch down” for his Warrior at Ft. Benning. Adorable lab trained for his human by K9s for Warriors in Florida.

Eric And Diesel

Eric is a US Marine who suffers from a physical disability as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while serving his country. His service dog Diesel, trained by Saint Francis Service Dogs, was a gift funded by the Dog Bless USA campaign. Diesel has had a dramatically positive impact on Eric’s life, physically and

Cadence’s Story

Albert and his wife rescued Cadence from Craigslist at eight weeks of age. The owner of the litter said Cadence didn’t like men, yet when Albert picked her up she snuggled in and refused to leave his side. Shortly after bringing her home she became ill with Parvo and Albert nursed her through to a full recovery.  

Handsome Alex

Handsome Alex, ready for Christmas at K9s For Warriors.

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