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grand canyon

Watch “All Men Zen Den”- A Short Film

Watch this short film as Explore takes you into the Grand Canyon to reconnect with the earth. Discover the connections between man and nature in this moving zen den.

west coast sea nettle

Watch “Dance Of The Jellyfish”- A Short Film

In this short film, you will see beautiful footage of the magnificent west coast sea nettles in the Aquarium of the Pacific. West coast sea nettles are a type of jellyfish, an invertebrate made up mostly of water.

chinese bamboo flute

Watch “Bamboo Flute”- A Short Film

Simple to make and convenient to carry, the bamboo flute has been a favored instrument in China for centuries.


Watch “Compassion”- A Short Film

Explore takes you to Tibet, to the Sera Monastery, where you will meet Professor Tsedum, a monk. In this short film, he explains the Buddhist notion of compassion as thinking about others as if they were your own children.

avalanche rescue dog

Watch “Avalanche Rescue-Still Story”- A Short Film

In this short film, Explore takes you on a journey to Jackson Hole through some of the world’s best backcountry ski terrain, where avalanches still threaten the safety of adventurous skiers and snowboarders.

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