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Did You Know?

Puffins mate on the water. The process of finding a mate include bowing, a male courtship display of its plumage with its head low to the ground. Head flicking, generally by sea in a raft, another display to attract the female with their colorful bills. And if successful: Copulation. At sea, rarely (and usually unsuccessful) on land; male

Sandhill Crane Migration

qweerk: The best part about Fall in Indiana – sandhill crane migration.

A Gift For The Lady

During the courtship period, the male Arctic Tern will fly through the air with a fish, attracting one or more females who beg for it. Male becomes more willing to hand over fish as potential mates become familiar with each other. For five to ten days he feeds the female more regularly as Courtship Feeding

Can You Feel The Love?

These two razorbills are ecstatic. Why? Because they are in the middle of a courtship behavior also known as an Ecstatic Display where the male mainly advertises to the female by pointing his head forward, then sweeping it vertically before tucking his head down against his breast with his bill open. Accompanied by Ecstatic Growls,