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Trumpetfish toot their own horns in the coral reef concert

Some animals like to toot their own horn and make a statement. Others just want to hide from their predators! Trumpetfish? They do a little of both.


Squirrelfish – The reef fish you want on your hide-and-seek team

If you’ve ever dove on a coral reef – or watched the Cayman Reef Live Cam here on explore.org, you may have seen a red and white fish with massive eyes hanging out close to the shelter of a big coral head or under a ledge… 

Fish Tricks!

Researchers at the University of Padova, told Discovery News that “fish can distinguish between larger and smaller quantities, with an additional ability to ‘count’ up to three, according to research on tropical angelfish. Fish, as well as dogs, probably have even more advanced mathematical ability, scientists suspect, but we need more methods to better study these

Dive In To Our Tropical Reef

Dive in to our Tropical Reef live cam at the Aquarium of the Pacific. You might be lucky enough to catch one of their divers swimming with the fishes.