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Stretching The Wings, Getting Ready To Fly!

This juvenile roseate tern will soon depart it’s home colony on Seal Island Maine and migrate south where it is much more comfortable in tropical climes. Photo Capture by Danielle Smith

Razorbills Invade Florida

Source: eBird : December 20 Razorbills are alcids of the cold North Atlantic waters and rarely strays south of Cape Hatteras, NC, in the United States. The state of Florida previously had 14 records of this species, so last week when multiple Razorbills started appearing in Florida—including flocks of more than 20 birds—it was clear that

A Tracing Line

A line of Canada Geese trace their way along the sky in this beautifully shot photograph. Found in every contiguous U.S. state and Canadian province at one time of the year or another, Canada Geese can cover 1,500 miles in just 24 hours with a favorable wind, though they typically travel at a much more

The Flight Of The Tern

An Arctic tern flies the equivalent of three round trips to the Moon in its lifetime. Amazing to think what the collective distance traveled must be of the Project Puffin tern colonies. Source: BBC Nature Photo Courtesy of Austin Patton

All Grown Up!

This osprey chick from Hog Island show no trace of their babyhood vulnerability in this photo. While this one can still be identified as a juvenile by the white streaking at the tips of its back and wing feathers, it shows all the fierceness of an adult.  By now this osprey chick has become very

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