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Stretching The Wings, Getting Ready To Fly!

This juvenile roseate tern will soon depart it’s home colony on Seal Island Maine and migrate south where it is much more comfortable in tropical climes. Photo Capture by Danielle Smith

Sunset Flight

As the sun begins to set at the end of a long Maine summer day, lines of egret, herons, and ibis flock back to their marshy rookery in the middle of Stratton Island. Waiting in the tall reeds for the opportunity to photograph these beautiful wading birds, I startle this juvenile black crowned night heron

All Grown Up!

This osprey chick from Hog Island show no trace of their babyhood vulnerability in this photo. While this one can still be identified as a juvenile by the white streaking at the tips of its back and wing feathers, it shows all the fierceness of an adult.  By now this osprey chick has become very

I’ve Got An Itch!

Watch those talons! Learning how to maneuver those sharp appendages is not always the easiest. Right now the Hog Island osprey chicks should be in the mid-migration. Based on their flyway, thousands of raptors funnel over the spine of Cuba in the fall. Our three osprey chicks: Sky, Ollie, Sibley very well could be closing

A Juvenile Herring Gull On Stratton Island Readies For Takeoff

Herring gulls are found nesting on many of the Project Puffin islands off the coast of Maine. Known as an opportunistic feeder, in Maine their numbers have been very successful. They are often seen swarming around the lobster and fishing vessels as they scavenge the old bait and rejected catch that is tossed overboard. Photos

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