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This Week on Explore (6/30)

We have a Puffin Chick! Hatched June 30th at around 1 AM!  K9s for Warriors has two new cams up! Watch rescued dogs train to become service dogs here! Meet the Aquarium of the Pacific’s newest (and cutest) member! You can watch this Magellanic Penguin chick here! Please meet BellaDonna & Adonis, our new dove parents!

Meet the newest Penguin Chick!

Please welcome Aquarium of the Pacific‘s newest member! The newest chick is a Magellanic Penguin who was previously being taken of by its parents. Now that it is old enough, it will be staying in a supervised nursery where it is now learning how to take a whole fish from keepers and how to swim

Penguin Chick Live Chat with Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific recently announced the birth of a fluffy Magellanic Penguin chick, and explore brings you to its nursery nest cam live! To celebrate this new arrival, the Aquarium will host a live chat with marine animal expert Dudley Wigdahl this Wednesday at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET.

Live Chat Friday with Penguin Expert Dudley Wigdhal

The Magellanic Penguin Nest is live again with a new pair of penguin parents-to-be! To kick off penguin nesting season, marine animal expert Dudley Wigdahl of Aquarium of the Pacific joins us for a live chat this Friday at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET.

young penguin

Top 5 Penguin Photos Of The Week

Over at Penguin Beach, the young penguins are getting big. Take a look at the live cam to see them swim, eat and play. Here are five best photos of the week. Penguin Live Camera

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