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Divot, Brown Bear #854

Get to Know Divot, Brown Bear #854

Another star of the Bear Cam is Divot, brown bear # 854. Come meet Divot and learn how to spot her on the Live Cam.

Lurch, Brown Bear #814 in Katmai National Park

Get to Know Lurch, Brown Bear #814

If you don’t already know him and love him (or at least respect him), then come meet Lurch and learn how to spot him on the #BearCam. Or better yet, learn how to stay out of his way.

brown bear and cubs enjoying sunrise

Get To Know Beadnose, Brown Bear #409

We have roughly one more glorious month left on the Brown Bear Live Cam. While there’s still time, and if you’re not already an aficionado of the #BearCam, learn a little more about the bears you see and how to identify them. Today we look at Beadnose, or Bear #409.

brown bear indy goes fishing

Meet Indy and Learn to Fish

Meet one of our newest bears on the Bear Cam. Viewer riverrock :0) has helped with our Citizen Science and offers this excellent description of our quick-footed bear.

otis the brown bear

“O” is for Otis

Oh, you know him oh so well, but maybe there’s a fact or two about our big, brown bear Otis you haven’t heard before. Check out these fast facts and Bear ID Guide compiled by our Brown Bear Cam Ops below:

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