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brown bear and cubs enjoying sunrise

Beadnose and Her Cubs Enjoying the Katmai National Park Landscape.

Get To Know Beadnose, Brown Bear #409

We have roughly one more glorious month left on the Brown Bear Live Cam. While there’s still time, and if you’re not already an aficionado of the #BearCam, learn a little more about the bears you see and how to identify them. Today we look at Beadnose, or Bear #409. Beadnose was first sighted in 1999 and with her first known cub in 2004, who she was often (and adorably) seen with latched across her back as she swam. You can identify Beadnose by her long, straight muzzle with a slightly upturned nose and a medium-large body. She has a light to medium-brown coat with wide-set blonde ears. In 2007 she returned with three spring cubs, but was soon observed with only two cubs. She raised the two survivors through 2008. In this highlight video you can meet Beadnose and her cubs, which you can almost hear yelling, “Moms coming!” at 0:52!

See Beadnose and fam on the Live Cam here.

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