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brown bear indy goes fishing

Meet Indy and Learn to Fish

Meet one of our newest bears on the Bear Cam. Viewer riverrock :0) has helped with our Citizen Science and offers this excellent description of our quick-footed bear.

Subadult #500,she’s believed to be one of #409’s.There is no way for that to be proven but she looks like one of her three yearlings that we saw in 2013.She was first called the bear hat bear before she got her #,the hair around her her head looked like she was wearing a hat, it was really cute. She has the prettiest fur,her marking and those fluffy ears,she does look like her momma #409.I believe she was given the name Indy because she races around brooks fishing, she is precious.There has been another seen that could be one of her two siblings:0)She is 2.5 years old.

Check out the higlight video below of Indy’s quick salmon catch below and see Indy on the Live Bear Cam at explore.org.