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Divot, Brown Bear #854

Divot, Brown Bear #854

Get to Know Divot, Brown Bear #854

Another star of the Bear Cam is Divot, brown bear # 854. Come meet Divot and learn how to spot her on the Live Cam.

Divot was classified as a sub-adult in 2004. She has a golden-blonde coat in July, which darkens by late August. Her muzzle is short and straight and she has scars on both hips. Her mother is #216 and #24 is her father. She has learned to associate with people with fish, and will often sit or lie on the shore while people fish nearby. (Savvy if not productive!) She often looks like she is resting and not paying attention to the water, but when someone hooks a fish, she quickly enters the water in pursuit of an easy meal.

Divot and her cub ran into some adventure that kept us on our toes last month. Luckily  it was the rangers to the rescue! Read about it here.

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