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Lurch, Brown Bear #814 in Katmai National Park

Lurch, Brown Bear #814 in Katmai National Park - Photo Credit: Ranger Jeanne's Flickr Account

Get to Know Lurch, Brown Bear #814

If you don’t already know him and love him (or at least respect him), then come meet Lurch and learn how to spot him on the #BearCam. Or better yet, learn how to stay out of his way.

Described as a young adult male when he was first identified in 2005, Lurch is a medium-large adult with a flopped over or cropped right ear. Has a distinctive scar above his right eye, and in June and July his back has a pronounce saddle and is sometimes noticeably shed out. Late in the summer, Lurch’s new coat is a uniform dark brown, and his scars might not be visible. In 2008 and 2009, Lurch showed increasing signs of dominance by stealing fish and displacing other bears from fishing spots. Sadly, he was observed killing #435’s spring cub in June 2009 – but so goes nature and life in the wild. He has become a dominant fisherman on the #BearCam, and as fan Becky-T GA put it, Lurch is a survivor.

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