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The Evolution and Adaptation on Seal Island

Mother Jones and Upworthy shared a story about the Puffin Project and specifically about the unfortunate fate of a Puffling in 2012. This sad story has a silver lining, helping the Audubon, bird and climate experts understand the adaptations of Puffins, Razorbills and other birds on Seal Island. The warming waters off Maine’s coast from climate change

Dear Puffin Petey

Dedicated Viewers, we are very sad to inform you that our dear Puffin Petey passed away last night. Of late, Petey was being fed more butterfish which are too large for a young chick because they are too difficult to easily swallow. More typically puffins feed their chicks small herring and hake which are easier

Our New Puffin Burrow Cam

audubonbirdcams: Many of our viewers have been wondering about the new location of our Puffin Burrow Cam. Within a puffin burrow, there is a small area that functions almost as a bathroom — the parents and chick use it as a toilet! The chick keeps away from the area, as soiling its feathers could damage