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Snapshot of the Sierra Nevada Red Fox taken by motion-sensitive camera / NPS Photo

Yosemite Sees Rare Fox for First Time in a Century

A team of wildlife biologists dubbed the “Carnivore Crew” has spotted a rare Sierra Nevada red fox in Yosemite National Park, the National Park service announced this week. The researchers caught images of the sly fox via motion sensitive camera; this is the first sighting of Vulpes vulpes necator in over 100 years. There are thought to be fewer than 50 individual Sierra Nevada red foxes in North America, and maybe as few as 15.

“We are thrilled to hear about the sighting of the Sierra Nevada red fox, one of the most rare and elusive animals in the Sierra Nevada,” stated Don Neubacher, Yosemite National Park Superintendent. “National parks like Yosemite provide habitat for all wildlife and it is encouraging to see that the red fox was sighted in the park.”

The California park is also home to breathtaking waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and redwoods. Explore the wonder of Yosemite National Park is the short Zen Den experience below: