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Explore the 5 Biomes: Aquatic

We’ve covered Tundra. Now on to the deep, dark and unknown! The aquatic biome is the only one necessary to support life. Water covers 75% of the Earth, but aquatic biomesĀ are pretty easily categorized – freshwater and marine. From ponds and lakes to coral reefs and wetlands, explore aquatic biomes by diving into the Shark

Dive In To Our Tropical Reef

Dive in to our Tropical Reef live cam at the Aquarium of the Pacific. You might be lucky enough to catch one of their divers swimming with the fishes.

Stretching The Wings, Getting Ready To Fly!

This juvenile roseate tern will soon depart it’s home colony on Seal Island Maine and migrate south where it is much more comfortable in tropical climes. Photo Capture by Danielle Smith