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Explore the 5 Biomes: Aquatic

We’ve covered Tundra. Now on to the deep, dark and unknown! The aquatic biome is the only one necessary to support life. Water covers 75% of the Earth, but aquatic biomes¬†are pretty easily categorized – freshwater and marine. From ponds and lakes to coral reefs and wetlands, explore aquatic biomes by diving into the Shark

Then It Picks Up One Stem Leg

Then it picks up one stem leg. This takes time. And sets it down just beyond the other, no splash, breath of a ripple, goes on slowly across the silt, mud, algae- throttled surface, through sedge grass, to stand to its knees in water turning grayer now that afternoon is evening. Now that afternoon is

Captive-ating News!

On the eve of the Project Puffin Bird-a-thon, we had an exciting visitor! A great horned owl was spotted on Pond Island at dusk. These birds can pose a threat to many species of the birds we are trying to protect. Fortunately, our Pond team set a trap that night, and the owl was snared by