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Explore travels Peru: Day 1

The explore team is traveling Peru in an epic philanthropic fact-finding mission to check out humanitarian organizations. Day one of the journey has already been met with a couple of amazing ones.

UFO Baby Seeks Answers to an American Mystery

The US Air Force’s case files on UFO sightings have fascinated extraterrestrial believers, skeptics, and truth-seekers alike. Named Project Blue Book, the investigations ran from 1952-1969. Now, over 130,000 pages of declassified UFO records have been released online under the Freedom of Information Act, reigniting the fires of curiosity and a consuming search for answers.

Watch “Explore China”- A Short Film

Discover China’s many hidden gems: philosophy, art, education and rural life- and see how the country’s leaders are working to solve issues of the environment, human rights, and public health. In this short film, Explore will take you on a journey inside China. You will learn about environmental changes, the future of China with the

Tibetan Spirituality