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Avalanche Dogs are the Ultimate Hope of Rescue

Tragically this week, avalanches have killed scores of people in mountainous northeastern Afghanistan over a three-day period. At least 168 people have died. Many more are missing, and dozens of houses have been destroyed by the massive rushes of snow. In remote areas of the Panjshir province, rescue is difficult and residents have been trying

UFO Baby Seeks Answers to an American Mystery

The US Air Force’s case files on UFO sightings have fascinated extraterrestrial believers, skeptics, and truth-seekers alike. Named Project Blue Book, the investigations ran from 1952-1969. Now, over 130,000 pages of declassified UFO records have been released online under the Freedom of Information Act, reigniting the fires of curiosity and a consuming search for answers.


For Thanksgiving, Watch the short film “Detroit – The Renaissance of America”

Every Thanksgiving, households across America watch a football game being played in Detroit. Detroit is a symbol of Thanksgiving almost as much as it is a symbol of America. Some of the country’s greatest innovators set roots in its fertile ground: Thomas Edison, Rosa Parks, Henry Ford; and some of the greatest innovations sprouted forth.