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hawaiian chanting

Holiday Spirit: Learn the Secrets of Hawaiian Chanting

In this short film, climb to the top of a volcano and sit down for a holy concert.

navajo medicine man

Holiday Spirit: Learn What It Takes to Be a Navajo Medicine Man

In this short film on religion and spirituality, go with Charlie as Clayson Benally shares the importance of Medicine Men within Navajo culture and remarks on the complexity of their practice.

Tibetan Spirituality

Spirituality in India

India is home to many religions and is the cradle of  Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.With more than 1 billion Hindus, India is also home to the third largest population of Muslims. Travel with Charlie to this holy land and discover one humble farmer’s secret to happiness. Learn about the River of Compassion where the environment, humans and religion intersect,

Spring and Spirituality for Easter

Celebrate the day and head to Rome and the Vatican with Charlie for mass in these short films. Explore the flowers we’ve captured in this photo album from around the globe. And visit the live cams where love and spring are in the air; our Osprey and Great Horned Owl couples are mating and awaiting their

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