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24 Hours in Churchill

From dawn to dusk to midnight dancing skies, here’s how you pass 24-hours in a small, Arctic town with unmatched celestial beauty.

Some of the most beautiful colors light the Arctic skies from Churchill, Manitoba in the fall and winter months. The sunsets and sunrises will light up your screens. Tune into the Beluga Sky Cam or the Polar Bear Live Cam (going LIVE next week!) during those times; sunrise is at 7:55 AM AK (8:55 AM Pacific/11:55 AM Eastern), and the sun sets at 6:10 PM AK (that’s 7:10 PM Pacific/10:10 PM Eastern).

And if you’re up late at night, catch the gorgeous Northern Lights, AKA Aurora Borealis, on the Beluga Sky Cam. You can see highlight videos from our Cam Ops here and listen to a Northern Lights soundtrack complied by our viewers here.

Whether you’re a morning, evening or midnight person, Churchill has it all. Countdown to Polar Bear Season and stay tuned for the live launch soon!

polar bears in arctic tundra

Polar Bears Wandering the Tundra

three polar bears in search for food

Polar Bear Family Hunting for Food

EXPLORE The Complete – Polar Bear Live Camera Experience