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Watch the Supermoon Eclipse Live on Explore

Get ready for the eclipse of the supermoon! This Sunday evening, the United States and much of the world will see skies graced by a bright, big moon that will then be cloaked in a total lunar eclipse. And you can watch the event live on explore!

Sunrise at Turtle Bay East

This photo snapshot was captured by explore.org fan, Tinman39-RI. You can see more fan snapshots on the community page here. Did You Know? Now is the time to see a sunrise! “The best time to see amazing sunrises and sunsets is typically in the fall and winter months in the mid-latitudes… In the morning and evening hours, sunlight has

Icy Sunsets

It’s 5*F in Manitoba and flurries are falling across the polar bear landscape. In one month, the sun will stop rising practically at all. Churchill, Canada is just over 2,000 miles from the North Pole. On the winter equinox, Dec. 21, it will be the darkest time of year in the North Pole. “There has

Project Puffin News From Outer Green Island

Outer Green Island researchers enjoy some ocean time out on the rowboat.

Project Puffin: News from Stratton Island

These incredible pictures of the sunset were taken by one of the Project Puffin bird researchers at Stratton Island. Photo Courtesy of:  Olivia DaRugna

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