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Aurora Borealis 2013

From Mother Nature Network: “As the sun reaches the apex of its 11-year solar cycle, here’s a look back at some of the most impressive videos of aurora borealis and australis recorded in 2013.” Click here to see the top photos from the year. You can see some of the beautiful light fall across pink

Icy Sunsets

It’s 5*F in Manitoba and flurries are falling across the polar bear landscape. In one month, the sun will stop rising practically at all. Churchill, Canada is just over 2,000 miles from the North Pole. On the winter equinox, Dec. 21, it will be the darkest time of year in the North Pole. “There has

Planning That Summer Vacation?

Remember Maine has incredible birding opportunities. Whether you would like to experience the coast as a family, or as an individual, there are Hog Island Camps that could fit your needs. The Midcoast region represents the “Maine” many first-time visitors imagine: lighthouses, quaint villages, sailboats, lobster pounds, and idyllic inns. Fractured by glaciers, pounded by

Move Over Monday… somewhere over the rainbow.

Move Over Monday… somewhere over the rainbow. When you see a rainbow it is after rain. The sun is always behind you and the rain in front of you when a rainbow appears, so the center of the rainbow’s arc is directly opposite the sun. Every person sees their own “personal” rainbow. When you look at one,

Detail Of Rachel

Some beautiful detail caught by the osprey camera this past season. The feathers of of this magnificent raptor glow in the morning sunrise.