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Where’s Waldo?! Flown the Coop!

Our Great Horned Owl mom and owlet, Waldo, have seemed to fledge and flown the coop for the summer.

Here’s an update from our partners at the Owl Research Institute:

Hi all, thanks for patiently waiting for an update. After searching the area this morning, Matt was not able to locate Mom or Waldo. He searched the road too – no sign of them there. All of this is likely good news for the owls as it leads us to believe that Waldo has fledged! It is likely that we will see the owls in the again soon. We will continue to keep an eye (and a camera) out for these two!

You can watch this season’s highlights on the Live Cam link as we look back on spring and prepare for what summer has in store at Explore.org!

(Thanks to riverrock :0) for the great snapshot of Waldo!)

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  1. Kathleen Stephens

    Thank you for the update. We all fell in love with Waldo and his mom and only wished he was safe and able to be on his own. What a wonderful experience being able to watch this story unfold. Thanks to Explore.org and Owl Research Institute for the great coverage and the camera operators for their great camera work and Denver for checking on Waldo when he would go missing.