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Hog Island Osprey Update

As you know, this past weekend has been quite stressful for Rachel, Steve, and Bailey. Below is the most recent update from Steve Kress explaining what has happened and where Bailey is now. “This was another very eventful day for the Hog Island ospreys.   The wasp nest in the osprey nest continued to be

UPDATED: Osprey Chicks Naming Contest!

If you have been watch the Hog Island Audubon Osprey Live Cam, then you have noticed we have three sweet new osprey chicks! Rachel and Steve have been such incredible parents, as you have probably witnessed, and so we thought it would be a great time to name the three chicks! To help get those creative

Daily Dose of Love: Fresh Fish For Osprey Chicks!

We’re overjoyed to welcome the new Hog Island osprey chicks to the world! At the time of this writing, two have hatched and can be seen noshing on a delicious, nutritious fresh fish lunch served directly from mom Rachel’s beak. Rachel and Steve are such wonderful bird parents and we are so happy that they have

Where do ospreys mate? Dr. B answers your raptor FAQs

Hog Island Ospreys Rachel and Steve are protecting their three eggs in their love nest high above Muscongas Bay. To share more about our feather friends, Osprey expert Dr. Rob Bierregaard answers a few of your raptor-related questions!

The Ospreys Need You, Citizen Scientists!

Audubon and explore.org need your help! As fans and viewers of the Osprey Cam, you are in a unique and exciting position to collect valuable scientific data about ospreys Rachel, Steve, and their future offspring. And it starts by taking a snapshot.

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