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puppy litter

Caption This Contest (New for 12/8/14)

Have you met Maya’s new pups?! Over at ECAD, Maya, a 2 1/2 years old yellow lab/golden retriever mix, has recently had her first litter of future service dogs. What do you think mom is thinking in this pic?

polar bears

Winners of Caption This Contest 11/24/14

What do these bears say to you? Oh wouldn’t you like to know! Here are the winners from last week’s Caption This Contest…

Caption This Contest! (New for 9/8/14)

Every Monday for the rest of September, keep an eye out for our Caption This Contest! These snapshots come to you from some our favorite captures on the Brown Bear Live Cam. Have you put your caption in the ring yet?

Caption This Contest Winners! (from 8/25/14)

The winning captions have been chosen from last week’s Caption This Contest. See below to read the prized contributors and see if you’ve won! 

Caption This! (New for 9/2/14)

We’ll have last week’s winners for you soon and in the meantime, give this a shot! …or maybe give it a jump… a salmon style leap of linguistics? OK, you’re the experts. Have at it!

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