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panda bear cubs

Panda Caption Contest Winner

Our last caption contest had us all looking at violet77‘s snapshot in new ways. Here are some of our favorites: “This bull isn’t that hard to ride!” -Fern “EEEK! I saw a mouse!” -higgyr “The floor is lava!” -Kaerie Peterson Winners, please email info@pandasinternational.org to claim your prize! And don’t forget to stop by and visit

violet 77 panda bear

Panda Caption Contest – We Have a Winner!

There were so many fun submissions for our last Giant Panda caption contest — it was hard to pick just one! So, here are our 2 favorites:

Caption This! (New for 9/2/14)

We’ll have last week’s winners for you soon and in the meantime, give this a shot! …or maybe give it a jump… a salmon style leap of linguistics? OK, you’re the experts. Have at it!

Chillin’ Like a Panda

While Labor Day is known for recognizing the contributions and achievements of American workers, it’s often celebrated with a little relaxation. And who knows R & R better than our friends, the Giant Pandas? Let’s have some fun with a caption contest! Post best captions for this photo in the comments below and we’ll share our favorites

Caption This Contest Winners from 8/4/14

Thanks to all the submissions for last week’s Caption This Contest! From all the great entries, we’ve decided on the top five winners:

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