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Caption This Contest Winners! (from 8/25/14)

The winning captions have been chosen from last week’s Caption This Contest. See below to read the prized contributors and see if you’ve won! 

(You can take your shot at this week’s contest here!)

  • CSchafer: Is a Ranger chat going on over there? Could I answer some of the questions, please?
  • GABear: Hey, buddy, can I hitch a ride to the falls? Heard the fish were jumping there!
  • Linda Jett aka Joanie aka IRL: You want a piece of me? Are you sure you want a piece of me? Let me tell you, the last one that gave me lip is living in the Lower 48 now!!
  • Babs-UK: Hey, Tim … Tim … TIIIIIIIM !! … thanks for fixing the cameras
  • BeckyT-GA: Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?