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Caption This! (New for 9/2/14)

We’ll have last week’s winners for you soon and in the meantime, give this a shot! …or maybe give it a jump… a salmon style leap of linguistics? OK, you’re the experts. Have at it!

What does this snapshot from Martina Kinderke inspire for you? Post a caption in the comments below and we’ll choose the best for not only bragging rights, but prizes too.

Check out last week’s contest for some ideas and inspiration, and see the most recent winners here. And of course, visit the brown bears on the Live Cam from Katmai National Park throughout September.


  1. RobNJ

    Bear: “Just a little to your left, fishy!”

  2. Carli Chapman

    Fish: I traveled hundreds of miles, not eating, swimming against the current.. and THIS is whats waiting for me???

  3. Bear: “So near…and yet so far….”

  4. JbgTX

    Salmon: I see a Belly Flop comin’

  5. BeckyT-GA

    Bear: “Excuse me. Are there more like you coming this way?”

  6. BeckyT-GA

    Fish: “Let me through – trust me! There is a REALLY fat, juicy fish right behind me!”

  7. Ms Marci

    …note on door…. “Out to lunch. If not back by five, out to dinner too”

  8. fish saying to bear “fancy meeting you here”

  9. Bobbygen

    Fish: You had me from Hello

  10. Fran Bettencourt


  11. Pheew, right place, right time, I made it and get to spawn!! A little further to the left and I would have been dinner!!

  12. BeckyT-GA

    Sports Announcer: GOOOOOAL!

  13. Tammyh

    Just keep swimming swimming swimming!!!

  14. Gillian

    Fish: Phew, I’ve found the right river, I’ve made it up stream through the bear maze & I’m sure I’m going to make it up these falls, if I don’t get a girlfriend after all this I’m changing dating services.

  15. jopaws

    Fish on the fly…yum yum for some!

  16. Diane C Sullivan

    Red Rover, red rover, I dare salmon to come over.

  17. Ronnie

    Brown bear please don’t eat me… I have eggs to lay!

  18. heidibelle

    Bear: “Hey…great jump!” Salmon: “Thanks!…gotta run!…see ya…whew!”

  19. Cbuitron

    (bear) it’s my turn to play beauty, you,play the beast!

  20. JaneSladen

    Just passing through ….

  21. Deborah

    Come to Papa fishy

  22. mosaic_world

    Fish: Oy vey! (woe is me)

  23. heidibelle

    bear: who goes there?.. salmon: trout!… bear: go on thru… salmon: 🙂

  24. DonnaTBennett

    Hello Bear, my name is Ms. Poisson and I’ll be your server tonight. I don’t recommend the salmon, but I hear the trout is wonderful.

  25. DonnaTBennett

    Hey Bear, I just met you, and this is crazy
    But here’s my number, so call me maybe

  26. Genny

    Ok bear don’t lean to the left, remember you fell off that ledge the last time you tried that move.

  27. Cbuitron

    Bear to fish — if you like, I can lend you a hand getting over the falls.

  28. Springermom

    “Coming at cha, duck right”!

  29. debra turnbull

    “I’ll get you my little pretty!” from the bad witch in the Wizard of Oz.